Seed Hunter V.1.0 is here, We out of Early Access!

Published by: steven.zeng

Hunters, After developing over 3 years, Seed Hunter V1.0 is finally here. In this update, you will get the final chapter of the your Seed Hunting journey, fight with the owner of the tomb. Reveal long suppressed secrets about the tomb and the Wake Town. ================ Seed Hunter V.1.0 ================ In upcoming V.1.0, We will show you our new design for the Seed Hunter. The final map and even some convenient feature make your journey much easier. Update features: 1. Final Map 2. Boss: Facing the owner of the tomb 3. Boss: Valemist 4. New Enemy: Guardian Serpent, Guardian Master, Guardian Servant, Guardian General, Guardian Archer, Guardian Geomancer 5. New Feature: Temporary Camp, a place for rest before the battle of Final boss 6. Steam Achievement Is Here! 7. New Feature: Portal directly to the Final Boss(If you Die in the battle) Hunter, Can you make it? Find the seed and even save this world? The Future is in your hand now! Seed Hunter Team