Let's Explore The Latest Seed Hunter World

Published by: steven.zeng

Hunters, We are so exciting to bring you the First Ever Major Update in Seed Hunter. For us, we are working on this version for months, So our team just so exciting to share all details we bring to you in this version.

1. Hundreds of Ability Card is waiting!

In our new version, we provide you with the new system making the Seed Hunting journey more joyful. The ability card system including 100 cards will make your journey cheerful and unpredictable each time!

2. Make Strongest Weapon by your hand

We also bring you the latest weapon system. You can choose from 8 different skill by yourself making the strongest weapon we never seen before!

3. New Map System

Same old enemies, Same old place, It must be lonely finding the secret energy in this world. So in the coming version, We introduce you our latest map system. New features with breaking events will give you so much surprise!

4. Three Visitors coming to Seed Hunter World

Miss Ya, the weapon maker and also the most powerful crafter in Seed Hunter world is waiting for you! In Ya's room, you can finally have a chance taking a little break, updating your weapon and unlocking new skill! You must be a lucky guy if you meet the messenger! Low HP? He will give you a helping hand. Too weak? You won't be by his power! Be careful if you meet grim Reaper! For sure, you will be a stronger hunter, but you will take the risk of your life. Ha! You must see our old friend, the old hunter! It must means you are at the end of the dungeon, good luck! For some reason, he can't join your fight, but he can give you some free advice.

5. Here comes the New Boss, Blessed Bloody Mary

The new boss, Blessed Bloody Mary is coming to us. As the slave sacrificing to the source, this poor woman miraculously merge with the source but lose her soul forever. She build this dungeon and all monster by herself. These violent delights have violent ends. Kill the Blessed Bloody Mary, Hunters, it is the only way to free her soul.

6. The New Survive Room

It's a dangerous road for finding source, someone gets the fortune, Someone just never comes back. We add a new survival room in Seed Hunter which shows up randomly. If you enter this room, the only way to get out is killing all enemies! Survive, you will get lots of experience, dead, you will start from the beginning again. Any thoughts? Tell us on the comment area! Our journey is just to begin! Seed Hunter Team