Seed Hunter v.0.2.2 Release Note

Published by: steven.zeng

You should soon receive an update to version v0.2.2 of the Seed Hunter, which includes the following changes: ================ Seed Hunter Release Notes v. 0.2.2 ================ 1. Bugfix: Fixing the display bug from seceret room 2. Bugfix: Fixing the bug which makes game crash 3. Bugfix: Fixing the planting system bug 4. Bugfix: Change some text 5. Bugfix: Add Damage numbers on enemies when they on fire 6. Bugfix: Fixing the CD reset bug when reopen the game 7. Bugfix: Fixing the bug that Tutorial doesn't start 8. Bugfix: Fixing the bug that treasure doesn't show up in the bag 9. Bugfix: Fixing the bug that door block the enemies 10. UX: Make a Tutorial for bag 11. UX: Change the animation for Plant Ability Card 12. UX: Optimize some weapons and fix key setting bugs May our hunting begin again, Seed Hunter Team