New Boss in V.0.2.5, Fallen Hunter Archer

Published by: steven.zeng

Legend has it that we used to have a powerful hunter in the world, His name is Archer. He was a good guy helping citizens, accomplishing mission all day long. But as a hunter, power is most thing he ever want and he keep tracing on it. But one day, he went to this town, which has a legendary statue power up its owner. For getting more power, this poor hunter stick to it… He never come back, become the powerful fallen hunter by losing his mind. If you meet Archer, Stay away with him. He could end up your journey… You should soon receive an update to version v0.2.5 of the Seed Hunter, which includes the following changes: ================ Seed Hunter Release Notes v. 0.2.5 ================ 1. New Boss: Fallen Hunter, Archer 2. New Monster: A running treasure box, Don't miss it! 3. New Function: Random First Weapon 4. BUG Fix: Black Screen bug 5. UX: Random Room now been improved May our hunting begin again, Seed Hunter Team