Scheduled Maintenance MAR 21, 2023

Dungeon Fighter Online

Get ready for the ultimate brawl! Dungeon Fighter Online is a classic beat-em up 2D action game with an epic storyline and RPG elements! Choose from 14 diverse classes, and unravel ancient mysteries as you punch, slash, shoot, or summon your way to victory!

We will be performing a scheduled maintenance on MAR 21, 2023 (UTC). Further details regarding the maintenance are listed below for your reference. UTC (Universal Time Coordinated): MAR 21, 03:00 – MAR 21, 13:00 KST (Korean Standard Time): MAR 21, 12:00 – MAR 21, 22:00 PDT (Pacific Daylight Time): MAR 20, 20:00 – MAR 21, 06:00 EDT (Eastern Daylight Time): MAR 20, 23:00 – MAR 21, 09:00 [b]< Contents & Events >[/b] - Lottery Board With Flan! [b]< Sales >[/b] - DANJIN’s Pick of the Month - Extreme Promotion Reward [b]< Changes/Fixes >[/b] - The Extreme Promotion Season 1 will end after the MAR 21 maintenance. ([url=]Link[/url]) - Fixed an issue with the incorrectly applied contents related to the Neo: Awakened Ones Package. - The weekly [Event] Assault on the Imperial Laboratory matching screen will be improved to be displayed normally. - The event materials of the [Event] Assault on the Imperial Laboratory will be improved to be looted automatically. - The Hyperdimension Arad Weapon Avatar box given as a Twitch Drops reward will be changed and a [Special] Weapon Avatar will be selectable. * Rewards for the following events will be given out during the MAR 21 maintenance. - Twitter DFO 8th Anniversary Event - MAR 17 DFO ExStream Rewards < Ongoing Community Events > - Contents Creator Season 4 ([url=]Link[/url]) - Master of The Machine Revolution ([url=]Link[/url]) Thank you. - Dungeon Fighter Online Support Team