Roguenarok: Demo is Out Now!


Destroy the enemy base before they can destroy your own. In this single-player MOBA action roguelite bullet-heaven, you play as a viking dinosaur wielding up 4 abilities and weapons at a time. Unlock new warriors and fight along with your soldiers and bring an end on the Alien’s reign.

Hi everyone, it's me again, Sheb. How ya'll doin? Doin good? Great! I have some exciting news for all of you! Remember when I said that I'll be releasing the demo this 3rd week of August? Well...luckily, it turns out that the game got accepted in its first attempt (which I did not expect at all) and here it is. I am so happy and thankful with how it goes and finally, we've got the demo out for you all to enjoy! (Hopefully T__T) [b]To the people that made Roguenarok possible (and that includes You ːsteamhappyː), Thank you all so much from the deepest of my heart (deeper than the Mariana Trench).[/b] [h3]Incase you are wondering what's included on the Demo, I'll be going with you to a recap journey ːsteamhappyː[/h3] [h3][b]What will be included on the Demo?[/b][/h3] [list][*] 7 Playable Warriors[/list][list][*] 7 Weapons to select[/list][list][*] 25+ Items to build[/list][list][*] 2 Unique Battles, each with their own set of enemies[/list] [h3][b]What are the core feautes of Roguenarok?[/b][/h3] Incase you are wondering what are the features Roguenarok will have, here are the list: [h2]Key Features[/h2] [list][*] [b]Adaptive Battlefields:[/b] Each run is divided into battles, and in each battle, there are unique enemies that you have to adapt to and strategize against. [/list][list][*] [b]Moba-like Ability System:[/b] Each warrior has their own unique abilities that are either active or passive.[/list][list][*] [b]Stats-Ability Connection:[/b] Each ability has an attribute, like physical or arcane damage, and they can be drastically modified by your builds. (Like items, ability upgrades, and etc.).[/list][list][*] [b]Dual Wielding:[/b] Warriors can wield up to two different or the same weapons at a time.[/list][list][*][b] Dynamic Item Builds:[/b] Warriors can buy items and each can grant either a bonus stats or passive. A warrior can collect six items at a time.[/list] [h2]Other Features[/h2] [list][*] [b]Auto-Firing:[/b] Weapons automatically aims and fires at enemies. [/list][list][*] [b]Ability Indicator:[/b] Provides a visual representation of where Active Abilities will travel. This makes abilities easier to aim.[/list][list][*] [b]Different Biomes:[/b] Every battlefield has their own unique biome.[/list][list][*] Remappable Controls: Customize your control scheme according to your preferences.[/list] [h2]That's all for now. How's the game doin currently?[/h2] Incase you are wondering, the game is currently doin fine with its development progress right now and I am happy to say that we've progressed a lot since the last announcement date. Here is quick sneak peak of the new battle I've been working on currently. [img]{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/44269012/0bc13460f94b11bfb4a95fdf56729e870843c4d7.jpg[/img] That's all for it now. Thank you all so much for reading! Try Roguenarok Demo now! ːsteamhappyː Cheers, Sheb