QANGA DEMO Update: Enhancements and Fixes


QANGA: Dive into a sci-fi adventure of exploration and resilience across the cosmos. Merge your mind with a state-of-the-art cyborg crafted by ICLab's Industry labs, and journey through this expansive universe![/img]

[h2]Major QANGA Update - Improvements Based on Your Feedback[/h2] [b]We're excited to announce that a significant update, based on your valuable feedback! After carefully reviewing your comments and watching gameplay videos on YouTube, we've crafted enhancements to enrich your gaming experience.[/b] [b]New Features and Improvements:[/b] [list] [*]Immediate Access to Gameplay: The introduction sequence has been removed for a direct immersion into the world of QANGA. [*]Gender Choice at Startup: Players can choose their gender right from the start and embark on their adventure as a cyborg. [*]Access to Flying Vehicles from the Beginning: Quick access to flying vehicles in the starting area for an enhanced traversal experience. [/list] [b]Tutorial and Gameplay:[/b] Improved Tutorial: Enhanced understanding of game mechanics with the introduction of: [list] [*]Item Recycling: Convert items into "matter" energy. [*]Third-Person Drone Camera: Visible and destructible by other players. [*]Phases: Allocate skill points to weapons and cyborg modules. [*]Cyborg Modules: For example, jetpack improvement for fast flying. [*]Discovery Points: Enhanced exploration with discovery terminals. [/list] [b]User Interface and Navigation:[/b] [list] [*]Removal of On-Screen Trackers: Trackers are now integrated into the StarMap for a cleaner interface. [*]Clarity of On-Screen Trackers: Unique color system for easy identification of different elements (ReselleMachine, Matter distributor, etc.). [/list] [b]Graphical Optimization:[/b] [list] [*]Visual Improvements: Optimizations for PoleLights, Volumetric Clouds, and Foliage Mesh for better graphical performance. [*]PostProcess Enhancement: More realistic lens flare effects. [/list] [b]Global Fixes:[/b] [list] [*]Visibility of Phases on Objects: Correction of phase visibility. [*]Level Loading: Resolution of level streaming issues. [*]Elevator Button Operation: Fix for buttons getting stuck. [*]Discovery Terminal XP Adjustments: Tweaks for better balance. [*]Vehicle Input Feedback: Improved feedback for vehicle controls. [/list] In light of these changes, we hope you will also perceive the true sandbox nature of the game. Our vision for QANGA has always been to provide a vast, open-ended experience where creativity and exploration are paramount. Stay connected for upcoming updates, and please feel free to keep sharing your experiences and suggestions. [url=]Server Discord[/url] Thank you for being part of this exciting adventure.