QANGA: Dive into a sci-fi adventure of exploration and resilience across the cosmos. Merge your mind with a state-of-the-art cyborg crafted by ICLab's Industry labs, and journey through this expansive universe![/img]

Qanga: Cyborg Odyssey

Dive deep into the QANGA saga, where the vast reaches of space and the pursuit of survival intertwine in a universe unlike anything you've experienced. Embody a denizen from one of humanity's last strongholds: the majestic ICLab Industry complex. Suspended in cryostasis, your character seamlessly integrates with a cyborg—a technological marvel spawned from the visionary labs of ICLab.

Located within the ocean's deepest trenches, this futuristic citadel, built for the safeguarding of humankind, shelters a luminous tech-centric city—a harbinger of a secure future.

As a neophyte, mastering your new cyborg form is paramount. Familiarize yourself with its abilities and adjust to its nuances. As you hone your skills, the cosmic expanse beckons. Board celestial vessels, setting a course for exotic destinations like ICLISpace station, the Moon, Mars, Venus, Saturn, and beyond.
But Earth's siren call remains relentless. Your ancestral world teeters on the brink, besieged by the Sanglines. Spawned from Earth in retaliation to climatic upheavals, they rise as polar ice caps recede. Confront these guardians of a scarred Earth and decide your world's fate amidst this looming adversity.

Game Features :

  • Engage in both Single Player and Multiplayer modes.
  • Host your own game servers with custom rules.
  • Dive into fully explorable planetary environments.
  • Command a variety of vehicles - from antigravity to flying and aquatic types.
  • Switch between FPS and TPS camera modes. (Your TPS view is realized through a drone, visible and vulnerable to all players.)
  • Engage in equipped combat.
  • Challenge others in PvP or team up against AI in PvE.
  • Loot-based gameplay mechanics.
  • Struggle for survival in the intense Survival mode.
  • Progress, evolve, and gain experience.