Patch Notes Version 0.1.1


Dispel is the third-person, action RPG that features permanent death and procedurally generated levels. Adventure solo in this challenging roguelike-inspired game.

[b]Update v0.1.1[/b] We recommend deleting all saves and creating a new character. An error window may appear, just close it after deleting saves. [b]Main changes:[/b] Added display of player characteristics when leveling Added ability to customize controls Left 6 hotkeys on the bottom panel are available only for skills Right 6 hotkeys are available only for consumable items Increased the collider of the hunter's skill - trap Increased the amount of health restored by potion from 33% to 50%. Added bleeding effect to bear and wolf attacks [b]Balance:[/b] Increased the chance of health potion drop from all creatures from 6% to 8% Increased mana potion drop chance for all creatures from 5% to 6%. Added health and mana potion drop to all animals in the Twilight Forest Added an additional branch for learning the Light Enchantment skill in the Hammer Tree. Reduced stamina points consumption when running Increased the damage of permanent skills of summoned creatures [b]Changed settings:[/b] The reset button now resets only the currently open panel back to the default settings Added ability to turn on/off auto-fill cells when learning new skills and consumable items [b]Bug fixes:[/b] Fixed skill disappearing when moving to the same cell Fixed all game launch bugs that some users have encountered Fixed the bug of black spots on the mini map in the library of the Old Castle level Fixed bug with spells and arrows dealing damage to animal limbs Fixed a bug with damage to undead with the healing skill of summoned creature - Wandering Light. [img]{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/44681177/4f8cb3c5f3a2d8889de2938af8770ca4e030a589.png[/img]