Patch 1.6.3 released!

Brick Rigs

Build your own vehicles or download one of the more than 200,000 creations already uploaded to the Workshop and experience the dynamic driving and destruction physics of Brick Rigs!

Patch 1.6.3 is now live on the main branch with the following changes: UI: [list] [*] Added option to ban offline players via their Steam ID [*] Made ban management menu accessible through the main menu [*] Added emoji support for the UI font [*] Added warnings for vehicle limit match settings [/list] Editor: [list] [*] Fixed crash when editing Use Custom Exit Location property on seat with other non seat brick selected [*] Added key bind (Ctrl + N) and dropdown menu option for creating a new file in the editor [/list] Bug fixes: [list] [*] Fixed item container on canyon battle overlapping with truck wreck [*] Fixed brick count of spawned legacy vehicles being shown as zero in chat messages [*] Fixed physics snapping/jolting issues at a certain rotation threshold (usually horizontal) [*] Fixed some FOV related code breaking on aspect ratios >16/9 [*] Fixed bricks sometimes being culled on vehicle thumbnail captures [*] Fixed Bob spawning above or below the custom exit location [*] Fixed not being able to update the name of banned players [*] Fixed being able to pick non transparent materials for lights with the property picker mode [*] Fixed vector replication range issues, including teleportation range being limited to ~10km [*] Fixed winch not attaching to ragdolls correctly [/list] Misc: [list] [*] Disabled auto focusing on manual vehicle thumbnail captures [/list]