Offside Release News


“Offside” is Detective Mystery Sports Game and Yuri Dating Simulator set in Manchester, in the North of England. Play as Detective Inspector Linda Broadmarsh as she is put on one of the highest profile cases in all of Manchester’s history.

Hi this is Mark from Stamford Highbury. A few years ago we envisioned a visual novel and sports game centered on penalties and mystery and a whole bunch of other things. When we gave it out to testers it did not get the exact response we anticipated. So we kept tweaking and changing artists and at the end the project just got mired in technical and logistical problems. We then discovered a cool publisher in "Little Black Books Entertainment" who offered to help and finish the game. Knowing this was the only way to see this game finished and finally deliver something to all the people who supported us by adding the game to our wishlist. Mark Stamford