Infinitum Alpha 2.4.0 is now here!

Infinitum: The Backrooms Story

INFINITUM is a horror open-world survival co-op story game that can be played with up to 4 players. Adventure through the endless procedurally generated levels and discover the multiple endings of the game, every playthrough being different than the last. Update posts coming every sunday

[img]{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/44264256/a05bcca5e2c3f3f93a336e55a74067219fa02723.png[/img] [h2]This update contains part 1 of the crafting and building systems [/h2] Added blueprints (Item you will need to find in order to unlock a crafting recipe) Added crafting table decorations and functionality Added new items: Bed, Hammer, shelf, chair, crate and cupboard (functionality only for bed and shelf) Added new building system inside of the bunker Cats system needed to be redone Interaction system fully redone for better performance and to fix some major multiplayer issues Bugs fixed: Some quests dead characters not spawning Misplaced UI Buttons Wrong icons for some items Some items appearing as bugged white squares And Many more including missing sounds as well Part 2 of this update will include more buildable objects inside of the bunker and more functionality to certain tools like the hammer. Currently the crafting ingredients and blueprints are not spawning around the levels but have been put inside the bunker for playtesting purposes. Those will appear inside of the levels once the NPCs outpost update will be out because they go hand in hand with the quests and npcs missions (First NPCs outpost update should arrive on 7th of July.