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Casino Heist

Casino Heist is a Romantic Comedy Heist Visual Novel and Dating Sim where you play as ex-Formula One driver Enrique Roca as he charms his way around the Las Vegas Strip to help his crew get away with the Heist of the Century.

[img]https://clan.akamai.steamstatic.com/images/35196957/fb353cc3323244b2b7d88eb6be72419ca07c7ad9.gif[/img] We have something special for you this weekend. Coincidentally it is National Bubbly Day and the start of National Great Outdoors Month, we are offering a delightful discount on two of our most cherished games: "Confessions at Candlewood Lake" and "Colorado Cocoa Club"! 🍾 "Confessions at Candlewood Lake" is a romantic comedy visual novel, where four women embark on a surprise long weekend at a luxurious chalet in Candlewood Lake, Connecticut. In the spirit of National Bubbly Day, join them as they toast to their friendship and unexpected adventures in this heartwarming tale. https://store.steampowered.com/app/1746530/Confessions_at_Candlewood_Lake/?snr=1_1056_4_creator_curator-tabs&curator_clanid=35196957 🏔️ For those of you who are more into wintry adventures and breathtaking outdoor scenery, "Colorado Cocoa Club" is just for you. Set on the picturesque alpine Aspen slopes of Colorado, this Yuri comedy features a charming and hilarious storyline with girl x girl love in the snow. What better way to celebrate National Great Outdoors Month than immersing yourself in these snowy landscapes and warm love stor​y. https://store.steampowered.com/app/1592970/Colorado_Cocoa_Club/?snr=1_1056_4_creator_curator-tabs&curator_clanid=35196957