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Five Artists Bring Their Work to Puzzle Together

July 27, 2021 IronZog Community Announcements
Five amazing artists have shared their work with Puzzle Together, bringing over 100 new puzzles to the game! To choose from these new puzzles, select "Start a Puzzle" from the menu, then choose "Show: By Artist." You can then either show puzzles by "All Artists" or choose one of the artists to look through only their work. The five artists have diverse styles and backgrounds, and they bring a wealth of beautiful imagery that makes for challenging and enjoyable jigsaw puzzles. Shwippie is a graduate of Rhode Island School of Design who works as a freelance illustrator in Los Angeles. Her inspirations come from a mix of Eastern and Western fairy tales. She began making computer games in 2011. The Wolf's Dream by Shwippie Victoria Pendragon is a painter and an ordained metaphysical minister who is often immersed in thoughts of who we are and how we came to be -- of the concept of our being, as the song says, "spirits in the material world." Ferocious Beauty by Victoria Pendragon Teal Furnholm is a biologist who spends her days unraveling the secrets of the genome, and her evenings working toward ordination as a Buddhist dharmachari. She loves to be surrounded by nature, and this passion shows through in her photography. Look Up by Teal Furnholm Cathy Leavitt is a self taught artist living in the mountains of Vermont. She is a wife and mother who finds inspiration in her children and nature. Many of her paintings feature women and children and their relationship to the natural world. Untitled work by Cathy Leavitt Zach Shukan is a graduate of RISD who has worked as an artist in the video game and special effects industries. His often whimsical work strives for deep understanding and an innovative perspective, in technique as well as in design. He's contributed both digital paintings and photography to Puzzle Together. Arterial Glass by Zach Shukan