Move and Sort Groups of Pieces

May 4, 2021 IronZog Community Announcements
Today's update makes it much easier to move a large group of pieces, and makes it possible to sort just a group of pieces rather than all of them. Here's how it works: At the top of the screen is a new "Select" button. Press this button, then drag out a box around those pieces you want to select. The selected pieces will glow yellow. You can then move all the selected pieces together as a group! Also, if you perform a sort (by edges, color, or section) while pieces are selected, the sort will only apply to the selected pieces. So, you can now sort just the pieces in the section of the puzzle you're working on, or sort by color from just the edge pieces, etc. Tips:
  • Instead of pressing the "Select" button first, you can just hold down the Control key while you drag out a box around the pieces you want to select.
  • Once you have pieces selected, you can add to the selection by dragging out another box.
  • Click anywhere on the table to deselect your selected pieces.