New Puzzle Packs, No More Subscriptions!

March 17, 2021 IronZog Community Announcements
Today's update makes some changes to how puzzles can be unlocked. Unlocking a puzzle enables voice chat and lets you make the puzzle with up to 2000 pieces, instead of just 40. Now, all of the puzzles in a category can be unlocked by paying for a single "pack". Once unlocked, they're unlocked forever -- no more limited time, subscription-type purchases (though previously paid subscriptions will continue to work). Each puzzle pack costs between $7.99 and $16.99, depending on the number of puzzles in the pack. You can still unlock individual puzzles, but instead of having to pay $0.99 each time you want to unlock a puzzle, you now use puzzle credits. Puzzle credits can be bought individually, or get a discount when buying more than one. Some additional changes with this update:
  • The game now remembers whether you had voice chat muted the last time you played.
  • When you click on the name of a player in a puzzle, the context menu that appears now includes the option to add that player to your friend list (making it easy to invite them to puzzles you host in the future).
  • On a puzzle's stats page, the list of connections made by player is now sorted from most to fewest connections made.
  • The game is now compatible with older, 32-bit Windows computers.
  • A few other minor tweaks and bug fixes.