Better, Stronger, Faster

April 20, 2021 IronZog Community Announcements
Today's update focuses on optimization. 3D models now draw faster, and textures take up less memory. Graphics effects now turn off when not needed. A major memory leak has been fixed, which will prevent slowdowns and crashes. A new graphics option has been added, "3D Pieces", that defaults to on but can be turned off to get better performance on older machines. Overall this update should give you better framerates and a cooler CPU. Also:
  • On the Start Puzzle page, the "Open to Public" checkbox has been replaced with a dropdown menu with the options "Open to Public" and "Invitation Only", to make it clear that you can still invite friends to puzzles that aren't open to the public.
  • The glow effect for selected pieces now works differently, to prevent it from slowing down the game.
  • Updated some text translations.