Demo v2 Update

Paper Kingdom

Paper Kingdom is a colony management game. Stack cards to gather resources, build structures, explore and fight invaders. Turn a nomadic tribe into an empire.

Hello everyone, I'm back with some major updates. We completely reworked the game so it's easier and faster to add new stuff and debug problems for the future. Let's see the changes. [b][h1]New Cards:[/h1][/b] [b]Nomad[/b] - You start with 1 x Nomad and at Nomadic settlement rank now. [b]Sea[/b] - Characters can fish at Sea for 1 x Fish. [b]Fish[/b] - Gives 1 x Meat when Butchered. [b]Meat [/b] - Can be cooked to Meal. [b]Wheat[/b] - Replaced the Crop card. - Can be cooked to Meal. [b]Meal[/b] - Replaced the Food card. [b]Leather[/b] - You get 1 x Leather by butchering 1 x Cow. [b]Papermill[/b] - Turns 1 x Wood to 10 x Paper. [b]Paper[/b] [b]Manager Tools[/b] - Recipe: 100 x Paper + 3 x Leather + Crafter - Turns a character card into Manager [b]Manager[/b] - Automates a building's requirements. [b]Butcher[/b] - Butchers an animal card for it's Meat [b]Butchery[/b] - Butcher can work here, together with Manager card this automates the Meat production. [b]Woodsman[/b] - Works at Forest to chop wood. [b][h1]Reworked Cards:[/h1][/b] - Pasture card now requires 1 Cow to Grow Cows. - Farmland card now requires 1 Wheat to Grow Wheats. - House card can be automated with Manager. [b][h1]Removed Cards:[/h1][/b] - Removed progression cards (Tribe, Village, Town, City, Kingdom, Empire), settlement rank is now displayed at top left of the screen. [b][h1]Removed Cards: (Will be added back)[/h1][/b] - Removed Transportation and Weapon cards. Weapon cards will be added with the battle update. Transportation cards will be reworked and available with the Early Access version of the game. - Removed General, Archer, Spearman, Swordsman, Artillery etc. all varieties of the Soldier card. Will be added back with the battle update. - Removed Deer and Horse, Horse will be added with the battle update. - Removed King, Queen, Emperor and Empress as there was no use case for them. Will be available in Early Access version. - Removed Aqueduct, Colosseum, Observatory as there was no use case for them. Will be available in Early Access version. [b][h1]Removed Situations:[/h1][/b] - All the exploration, pirate and bandit situations are removed, these situations will be added back with the battle update and start battles instead of randomly punishing or rewarding the player as the previous version. [b][h1]Gameplay Changes:[/h1][/b] - Jobs are now assigned to individual characters instead of the parent card itself. - Cards like Stick, Wood etc. no longer stacks into a pile as it is no longer necessary, these cards now amount themselves and Recipes/Buildings can use those. - Jobs now reserve non-character requirements. - Professions like Farmer, Crafter, Builder etc. can be unassigned now. - You can no longer feed or pay characters individually. - Added notification for idle characters - Situations with no downside (Cow Approaches, Yellow Sea etc.) are now auto handled after the 3rd time. - Added new notifications menu for auto handled situations, unlocked recipes etc. - Added auto save functionality. - Added settlement menu where you can see how many of any card you have. [b][h1]Other Changes:[/h1][/b] - Game world is now in 2D. - Changed all the card visuals. - Background now has tiles and cards snap to tiles so your OCD can rest. - Cards snap to attachable cards while dragging. - Added bunch of animations and polishing for the gameplay. - Reworked how the audio system works and added new sounds for bunch of jobs. - Locked cards now indicate that they are locked.