Current state of the game and road map

Published by: Aryal

The game is currently still in Alpha version, I'm waiting to finish some corrections and some additions to upgrade to Beta version. The version updated yesterday allows to have about 2 hours of real game time if you are only looking to make the main frame, if you try to make all the success the game time is about 5 hours. The game has 4 fields out of 21 planned. The game will have 13 outdoor terrains and therefore 8 indoor terrains that are generally half as large as those outdoors. Of all these lands most are already playable but unbalanced. The content that I will be quoted will be increased thereafter:
  • 83 spells: there are 49 active spells, 30 passive.
  • 6 epic items with special bonuses, the weapons currently have no specific bonus.
  • 18 runes that improve spells, the spell must be at least level 5 to have a rune.
  • 1 set of equipment.
Specific epic items, runes and equipment sets have been added lately, the structure having taken a lot of time. Now that everything is properly managed in game I will be able to add more without problem. The goal was to have improvements that change the way you play. the goal is not to add a lot of terrains at the moment but rather:
  • Improve game comfort, with minor bug fixes, add feedback whether visual or auditory.
  • Improve the user experience, by ensuring that all features are as accessible as possible without the player ever being forced to do a tutorial.
  • Leave as many action choices as possible, collect hidden chests, solve puzzles to access certain secret passages, do quests, make specific achivment and of course kill monsters as well as confront powerful bosses. All these small elements to evolve the stats of the character.
  • Improve the visuals of the game, especially with the playgrounds and spells used by the player.
Here's what will follow in the game: The dates I indicate are for guidance only, some items may come before or after, delays may occur on the dates indicated. I would probably copy and paste this message every 2 months or so to update the roadmap. November 15th:
  • Improvement of the bosses, they are currently annoying to killed. each boss is already linked to a success, boss-specific loot tables will be added later
  • Secret passage, accessible with small course, in places not easily visible, destroying secret doors, operating secret mechanisms, each secret area gives a small reward and is linked to a success.
  • Addition of 9 new classes, Classes are a minor change in the way of playing, for the moment it is to add 1 passive spell, new spell and specific items will be added.
  • Increase in the price of the game.
December 1:
  • Improved graphics on the terrains presently present.
  • Increasing the number of successes will mean looking for specific actions that will change the way you use your skills to get there.
  • Adding gems on the equipment, about ten low levels at first.
  • Improvement of the mercenary camp available, it will be a first implementation, so only a few features will be added.
December 15th: Added 2 terrains with the quests and success that goes with it. January 1, 2020:
  • Skill tree, change of the hidden chests by fragments of Ortharion, each fragment giving a point in the skill tree. When you recover a fragment of Ortharion the fragment in question will be visible to other characters in your account on the map, currently there are just under 50 chests hidden in the game, on the 21 terrains.
February 1, 2020:
  • Addition of 2 outdoor terrains with 2 indoor terrains.
  • The game will then be blocked at this level in terms of adventure and I will only add content to improve the diversity of gameplay, the second part of the main quest will be available for the final version.
March 2020:
  • A legendary items with spells and sets, legendary items can have epic or legendary spells.
  • Addition of new secret passages.
May-June 2020 final version:
  • Passage from 10 to 21 terrains.
  • Adds many secret passages with increased possibilities on the skill tree.
  • 27 playable classes with each at least 2 specific spells and 1 specific object, I remind you it is to have slight variations of gameplay, nothing comparable with other games with classes.
  • 150 spells, each spell having access to 5 runes, some runes being specific to certain spells.
  • 2 epic and 1 legendary items for each type of equipment.
  • 30+ equipment gems, the purpose of these gems are mostly to increase the player's stats.