Cards, Chocolate Box and Quality of Life stuff


Hellcard is a unique cooperative deck builder rogue-like game. Descend into the paper dungeons on your own, recruit computer-controlled companions or join other players' lobbies in fast-paced tactical card battles against the armies of darkness and the Archdemon himself!

The two most noteworthy changes in this update are fifteen new cards and a new artifact with a card draft mechanic. We also implemented the first two QoL improvements from our new [url=]feature request website[/url]. [h2]New Cards[/h2] As promised we would like to add more cards to each class. Starting with Rogue, who receives 15 new cards today. These include a new Quarrel card tag. Here you can see three out of fifteen new cards: [url={STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/36304302/5dd7f5ed300b0760a7f4dc204ad32214bcd1d6ba.png][img]{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/36304302/19eda56df613cdab495cf9c79412a0a8184e03eb.png[/img][/url] [url={STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/36304302/10873926c0e207e19f2f1e6853b11156880aa949.png][img]{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/36304302/a24785715048e388cf0f6f9d399c1163ef10a85e.png[/img][/url] [url={STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/36304302/636740f32823ef52e1a60bd7658511ebe94bb85f.png][img]{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/36304302/d07c94643ba9beff1937b0b8b91505db9b0e3b08.png[/img][/url] Ivy Extract card is also changing to take into account new cards. [h2]New Artifact[/h2] [img]{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/36304302/aec0d08fcf58022f27295954659a02a172142cef.png[/img] Called Chocolate Box, this starting artifact acts as an improved Veteran's Pin. When selected, it allows you to draft cards picking from sets of fixed types of cards. [h2]Noteworthy QoL[/h2] [list] [*] Floor span will now be listed when picking Torment modifiers in endless. [*] It's now possible to go back to the Reward Screen if no Location options has been used. [*] When upgrading cards in locations it will now be possible to view the upgrades. [/list] You can read the full changelog below! [h2]Full Changelog[/h2] Version 1.0.240321 - 25 Mar 2024 [list] [*] Added [b]Chocolate Box[/b] starting artifact which lets you draft your starting deck [*] Added [b]15 Rogue cards[/b] - including new mechanic: crossbow Quarrels [*] Added Crossbow starting artifact for Rogue which exchanges 3 Sharp Arrows for Quality Quarrels [*] Added going back to Reward Screen from Locations. This option becomes disabled after using any Location option [*] Added card upgrades view when upgrading cards in Locations [*] Added floor span info to endless modifiers tooltip [*] Fixed Zap dealing too much damage to monsters when cast by players other than the lobby owner [*] Improved cone and radius targeting when using the controller in battle [*] Tinker Location can no longer select a global influence (like Armageddon or Dark Pact) to give to the player [*] Fixed crash when changing game resolution in a multiplayer lobby [*] Fixed Pavise card overflowing block value [*] Fixed Devourer intent showing 0 HP and Strength gain when devouring monsters [*] Fixed dragging cards in battle even when an options (or any other) window was open [*] Fixed exploit with adding multiple starting artifacts when changing language during character creation [*] Fixed a rare crash when starting the battle [/list] Oh, and in case you would like this update's key art for a wallpaper, Marcin made different aspect ratio versions: 2560x1080: [url={STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/36304302/c2cb1171be598d99f0ff746382e1a0ce4ed7b048.jpg][img]{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/36304302/fe289e2908a070a8bcb2d294e5ac45d2d97fc0af.jpg[/img][/url] 2560x1440: [url={STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/36304302/f11ae1e899dd8ceb97e31d700eeae9c31c15426b.jpg][img]{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/36304302/0906f80e987137e32e3211128a54c5b9e1f34703.jpg[/img][/url] 1920x1200: [url={STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/36304302/7f61f78328df41a1594149f5fab0922b22b92f2f.jpg][img]{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/36304302/fc96acd5cc510082c765d5bb444f16a9c2520fed.jpg[/img][/url] and 1920x1080: [url={STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/36304302/8e48ceb0c7c4276b0fc90b6a73852c11eaa5ab7a.jpg][img]{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/36304302/d2b84581b0cda23adc51cc263e83b32066088ff5.jpg[/img][/url] As Always, Stay Safe in Paper Dungeons ːarchduckː Konstanty