A Touch of Magic / Steam Release

A Touch of Magic

A Touch of Magic is a choice-driven adult Visual Novel set in the fictional city of Solestra Hills, a safe heaven for magical beings but full of mafias, drugs and depravity. Play as Giovanni Beneventi and go on a journey filled with drama, comedy, a dark conspiracy and lots of sex.

A Touch of Magic Chapter One - Part One is available! A Touch of Magic is an interactive visual novel set in the fictional city, Solestra Hills, a safe heaven for Fayes, magical beings that have been living among the humans for a long time, all thanks to the Eight Families. You will be playing as a young man and the owner of the nightclub, First Sin, Giovanni Beneventi (You can change the name). On a day like any other, you receive a visit from the elder of the Nobunaga Family, Hideo, who asks your help to hide and protect a young Nephilim, a being of extreme magical power, but everything goes out of control when Hideo is murdered and you are the prime suspect. Now it's up to you to protect the young Nephilim, discover the truth about the murder and reconnect with your past. All of that while having lots of fun with many women.