2021 Army of Tentacles RPG announced!

Duck Whitman
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What is it?

Behold! The final entry in the main Army of Tentacles series, which can be played as either a sequel to Super Army of Tentacles 3, or as a standalone title entirely! The title was almost going to be Army of Tentacles 2, but we thought that a fresh coat of paint was the best route. The title we landed on is an amalgamation of the first two games.

Will there be a GOAT Edition and/or Cheat Mode?


How standalone a title is it?

There are going to be things that definitely resonate with and will have different meanings for returning players, but the story is written with new players in mind. It 100% works as a sequel, but is written more like a parallel story to the main storyline that the first two games established, if that makes sense. You won't need to know who this is or why that is going on.

2021 Games

With that, 2021's titles are pretty much announced. It was honestly just going to be Super Army next year, but then Hamlet and Furries/Bears 2 slipped. We might do a Halloween game, but other than that, this is the lineup.

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