0.78.02 Experimental Update.

March 5, 2021 sam | Beam Team Games Community Announcements
Hey everyone,

A new experimental build (0.78.02) is now live with some more quality-of-life fixes, Inventory changes and an important fix for the Aircraft Carrier.

This build features some changes and improvements to the Inventory mechanics. We recognized that the idea of your hands acting as an extra ‘slot’ for your held item and not being visible in the inventory was confusing. This mechanic also made it difficult to transfer held items into storage. Now the item you’re holding is displayed in the first inventory slot. The slot to the left of this is reserved for other inventory actions, like empty hands, or navigating between storage. We’ll be tweaking storage mechanics as we look at ways to encourage players to use storage more often. This is our preferred way to deal with players gathering large piles of items--which tanks performance. We don’t have any restrictions on the number of items you can gather and craft so it’s quite easy to do. So, we’ll be improving and making it more convenient for players to use and navigate storage. We’ll also be adding in a method to destroy smaller items that you decide are unneeded, which currently hang around wasting resources.. We found the cause of a frustrating bug where players were losing items left inside the Aircraft carrier. We’ve also upgraded to Unity 2019 which went smoothly but let us know if you see anything strange! Have fun :) Stay Alive! Beam Team --


- Increased Storage Container slots from 3  5. - Increased Inventory slots from 10  12. - Changed Inventory to display the item the player is holding in slot 1. - Changed Inventory to pop an item that matches the sub-type if it can’t find a matching item of the full type, ie: a player will switch to holding a Crude spear after using all their Refined Spears. - Changed Inventory drop action from secondary ‘click’ to ‘short press’ (only in menus) - Changed Wood Crates to be craftable. - Changed Wood Crates to refund materials.

Bug Fixes

- Fixed physics objects falling through Aircraft Carrier when loading, ie: Gyro parts and supplies. - Fixed Bird Snare not snapping to terrain correctly. - Fixed Storage pointer drawing behind slot icons.

Dev Notes

- Upgraded to Unity 2019.4.20f1. - Reverted to Steam SDK 1.48.