0.78.00 Experimental Update.

February 11, 2021 sam | Beam Team Games Community Announcements
Hi everyone,

A new experimental build (0.78.00) is now live!

For this build we focused on some requested tweaks and quality-of-life fixes. We had more planned for this update and were hoping to get them in, but they just didn’t make it into this update. A second round of tweaks and fixes will be out shortly! Stay Alive! Beam Team --


- Changed ‘Play’ button to enter New Game menu if no save game available to continue. - Changed Boat Motor to be usable as a rudder when out of fuel. - Changed Medical Consumables to refund Coconut Flasks after consuming. - Increased Meat inventory capacity from 4 to 8. - Increased Fish inventory capacity from 4 to 8. - Increased Fruit inventory capacity from 4 to 8. - Added Crafter placing controls on screen when placing. - Improved Pinned Crafting Combo display. Changed pinned crafting combo UI to display craftsmanship skill level required to avoid confusion when a player has all materials, but skill is not high enough. - Improved Watch feedback when displaying player Skills; Removed clamped values on skill bars making it easier to monitor skill progress.

Bug Fixes

- Fixed Tutorial not resuming when re-loading. Please note this fix is not retro-active as old save files will be missing the completed objective data. - Fixed Projectiles (spears, etc) drifting out of player hands when held. - Fixed objects attached to Spears not saving if player holding spear. - Fixed being able to place Craftable objects inside terrain rocks. The crafting ghost will snap to terrain rocks for visualization but placing is not allowed. Foliage does not affect placements.

Dev Notes

- Upgraded to Unity 2017.4.40f1. - Upgraded to Steam SDK 1.51.