Super Club Soccer

Super Club Soccer is a unique turn based online soccer game. Soccer is broken down into phases, where each team takes their turn deciding what their players should do. Every player on the pitch can be individually controlled by a real user, creating intense tactical gameplay in both 11 a side and 5 a side. Create your character and start your soccer story.

Key Features

  • Turn Based Gameplay - Each turn is split into different phases depending on who has possession of the ball. Each phase only lasts 6 seconds!
  • Multiple game modes - Drop into a quick match or create a custom match to play with friends. Choose either 5 or 11 a side mode.
  • Create or join a club -Full customisation of kits & logo. Full control over club funds.
  • Join tournaments - Challenge other teams daily/weekly in a variety of tournament formats.
  • Highly customisable characters - Lots of cool cosmetics to unlock. With multiple training curves and player builds, no two players will develop the same!
  • Interactive tutorial - Simple walkthrough of gameplay, character creation and training.

Turn Based Gameplay

The game is broken down into four phases with each phase being 6 seconds long and a specific player or team will take their turn depending on which player has possession of the ball. In the first phase, the player in control of the ball will decide what they’re going to do. The player has many options depending where they are on the pitch. If they’re near the goal they can shoot or if they’re out wide they can cross, but they can always dribble and pass.

The following phase, phase two, the other users on the team with possession will take their turn. This will either be to interact with the ball or moving their character to another position on the pitch.

Phase three now takes place, where the team without possession will all take their turns. They’ll likely be trying to attempt to get to the ball before the team in possession by receiving the ball earlier in the pass. If you’ve dribbled they’ll have the opportunity to tackle you if their players are fast enough to keep up with you! If you’ve taken a shot then the goalkeeper will attempt to save it, but be wary as they don’t always hold onto their shots.

The final phase is where you see everything played out in front of you on the pitch. This is called the resolve phase as every action is completed and the following phase will be back to the player in possession.

Following the fourth phase completing it goes back to the first phase and the player in possession takes their turn!

Our interactive tutorials will offer you some good insights into how to play with different types of actions covered and they’re a good resource to use before getting into a fully fledged game.

Character Creation

You can create two different characters in Super Club Soccer. You can either be a player or a manager, but for now we will focus on the player creation.

Player Characters
Every time you create a new player you’ll be given a couple of options. Firstly, you need to decide which position to play. Are you interested in only scoring goals? Do you want to create a tricky winger? Do you prefer to play as the commanding centre back? This is your opportunity to choose. After you pick your position you’re going to need to pick your build. Do you focus more on speed and agility or are you more concerned with having good technique? We provide varied builds for each position based on different playstyles and you can choose one to suit you.

Once you’ve chosen your position and build, you’re going to be asked how you want your player to develop. You’ll have three options here:

Early Peak - You will train better when you’re younger and race to your full potential, but your peak potential will be lower than average. This is best used if you want to dominate at a younger age against players of a similar age.

Mid Peak - This is the middle of the road player development, you’ll develop at an average pace and hit an average potential. This build allows you to build your player up to a higher peak than the early peak build without having to wait as long as the late peak build

Late Peak - As you get older you train better and your overall potential is the highest, the best build if you want a longer career at the top of the game.

Once your player is created you need to get yourself a contract. Head over to your player profile and you’ll be able to view the available trial contracts. You can request to sign a trial contract for any team with availability but you’ll probably want to include some information for your prospective manager so he’s more inclined to accept it. You’ll also want to start training your player to increase your attributes, but training is increased when you’re under contract at a club so it’s a good idea to get a contract sorted as soon as you can. You can train every day and you choose which attributes you want to focus on, do you improve your physical attributes or your technical attributes? The choice is yours with over 20 different attributes available and they all affect how you perform on the pitch.

Manager Characters
If you want to head into the world of management then you’re going to want to create a manager character. The process here is a lot less complicated in terms of creating the character but you’re going to need to create a club as well. We have a kit and badge creator in game, so you are really able to give your club a unique identity. You’ll be in charge of signing players, setting the tactics and selecting the team but that’s not all. The financial side of the club will be in your hands too, where you’ll need to look at upgrading your stadium and training facilities when the time is right.

Jump into tournaments with your team to take on other teams from around the globe. Currently we are running a European ladder at 8pm UTC and an Americas ladder at 1am UTC. These tournaments let the club choose what days they’d like to play matches and automatically schedules a match against another club looking to play. Can you climb to the top of the ladder? We’re going to be introducing leagues and cups soon too, so the ladder is good practice for the future.