July 18, 2022 5k

About the game


Choose from an ever expanding roster of iconic characters such as Harley Quinn, Rick and Morty, Finn the Human, Black Adam, Gizmo, and many more. Every fighter boasts unique abilities that pair dynamically with other characters.


Play on various Maps from our characters' legendary worlds, including Batman's Batcave and Rick and Morty's Cromulons.


Defend the Multiverse with your friends anywhere, anytime on all available platforms. This includes full cross-platform play and progression.


Enjoy more ways to play. In addition of our 2v2, 1v1, and 4-Player Free For All, you can up your play in Training mode, take on AI controlled enemies across 3 difficulty levels in Arcade mode, and even compete at a higher level against skilled players in Ranked mode.


Every character features its own customizable perk loadout that will change the way you play and how you synergize with your teammates.


MultiVersus boasts an intense competitive experience with dedicated servers for seamless online gameplay.

A Growing Multiverse

MultiVersus is regularly updated with new characters, stages, modes, in-game events, skins and more.