Dungeons of Voidria

July 28, 2021

About the game

Dungeons of Voidria is a roguelite dungeon crawler that features a distinct skill-queuing turn-based combat system. Explore shifting dungeons, gather loot and encounter evolving enemies as you collect fragments to restore the shattered Heart of the void.

Key Features:
  • Discover unique skills that encourage different playstyles! Gather peculiar trinkets that augment your skills or aid your exploration.

  • Encounter increasingly troublesome enemies as you explore randomly generated dungeons. Perhaps you will encounter other... intriguing artefacts and helpful characters within?

  • Unlock new skills, trinkets and characters throughout your adventures. The dungeons evolve as you do.

  • Each run is unique! Mysterious events, enemy ambushes, and hindering traps require you to adapt accordingly.

  • Cautiously interact with strange structures and technology along the way. Will they aid you in dire situations or complicate your expedition?