Release May 22nd 2020

About the game

"Hi there, my name is Lily! I've been waiting so long for this day to finally go and be reunited with my brother and parents in the sacred lands. I've finally come of age where I can go on the pilgrimage to join them. Elder sure is throwing me for a loop though with these trials to prepare me for my journey. Here I am thinking it would be a spiritual journey to find peace now that I'm of age, but the first thing he has me do is start fighting things?

Well, Elder has been raising me and my brother our whole lives, as well as looking after the others in my village before they left. It's been 25 years, no reason to start doubting him now. Time to go find my family!"


-Strategic Turn based combat with a row system for more in-depth strategy
-A range of puzzles, including an optional in-game hint system for guidance
-Story-rich experience
-A wide variety of skills, abilities, and items to complete the challenges set in front of you


Due to inability to test the MAC release effectively, the MAC version does not have achievements or access to the Steam Overlay. If these are determining factors in your purchase, please know that these features are not available for MAC at this time.