ATLAS レジェンドパック

Maritime Simulation/Adventure games in the 15th and 16th century race for the New World. Third in the Artdink Legend Pack series. This game is only available in Japanese.

ARTDINK "Legend Pack" Series

The ARTDINK "Legend Pack" Series is a compilation of ARTDINK's masterpiece works of the 1980s and 1990s. The PC9800 versions of these games can finally be played in Windows. In addition, a Library Mode exclusive to the "Legend Pack" allows you to browse illustrations, graphic and sound data.

"The Atlas Legend Pack" is a compilation containing the following titles:
"The Atlas" (original release 1990/07)
"The Atlas II" (original release 1991/06)

The Atlas is a series of geographic simulations that put you in control of an explorer charged with exploration and trading for the King of Portugal. Interface
has been improved over the original, making your exploration for unknown lands even easier to control.

This game is only available in Japanese.


Max: 24,50€


Min: 24,50€