Your Soundscape journey begins now.


Exploratory musical metaverse hybrid reality warp world.

Soundscape is the musical metaverse project dedicated to the exploration of immersion in music and live audiovisual arts. Sprawling freeform worlds and imaginative concert venues populated by flying full-body avatars empower participants to connect and flow from anywhere, even outside of VR. The Soundscape journey began in 2014 with the creation of hyper-immersive virtual destinations to enjoy the music that moves you. A decade later, our collective of artists is opening the doors to a cutting-edge hybrid reality warp world, powered by the latest technologies like Unreal Engine 5. This reality visualization system is designed to facilitate new kinds of emergent experiences, weaving connected spaces for improvisational play. Infinite music compatibility, Sonic AI v4 visual modulation system, Soundskin Avatar creativity tools, unique multi-dimensional art, and connectivity of friends, fans, and bands across different virtual mediums are just some of the new features available alongside collaborations with artists like Deadmau5, Goose, and Slash. Join us on our journey to an advanced audiovisual future.