Exploratory musical metaverse hybrid reality warp world.

Welcome to the next level: Psychedelic Unreal Engine 5 powered exclusive artist performances by Deadmau5, Goose, Slash, and more; in VR and on PC.

The Soundscape journey began in 2014 with the creation of hyper-immersive virtual spaces to enjoy the music that moves you.

A decade later, we're opening the doors to a freeform, cutting-edge hybrid reality, powered by the latest technologies like UE5 and Lumen.

Soundscape is about exploring new connections within music & visual arts. We're in the teleportation business empowering individuals with tools to connect and flow from anywhere.

- Take flight and explore worlds brought to life by music, Sonic AI powers a unique experience every time.

- Customize your Soundskin avatar and dance into another dimension to meet up with friends and fans in an artistic musical metaverse experience.

- Bring the music you love, or get lost in sound with collaborations & virtual concerts by top-tier artists like Deadmau5, Goose, and Slash.

- Test your aim & agility in Soundtag, an experimental psychedelic soundshooter.

- Crossplay between PC & VR, both unique experiences working together in harmony to enhance your own like nothing ever seen before.

For ten years, our collective of artists have been putting their love into building the purest virtual destination for the enjoyment of music with no ads, no data tracking, no microtransactions, no DRM, and no corporate BS. Its our honor and privilege to share with you our art and creations. It's taken a lot to build this into something that we've dreamed about, and we're so grateful for your support.

Join us on our journey to an advanced audiovisual future.


Max: 38,99€


Min: 38,99€