Soundscape Presents: deadmau5


Exploratory musical metaverse hybrid reality warp world.

Soundscape Presents: deadmau5, a new hyper-immersive musical metaverse experience coming Friday, May 17th. Staggering in scale, detail, and freedom, "Soundscape Presents" represents a new frontier in the exploration of immersion within music & visual arts, in partnership with legendary artists across the globe. The show unlocks at 9PM MT on the 17th and will be available to watch anytime on your schedule. For 10 years, Soundscape has been built as the purest global destination for the enjoyment of music and visual arts, free of any big tech corporations who might desire to track, record, influence, or control your experience. You can use Soundscape for • Attending concerts • Connecting with friends • Accessing your flow state • Having fun with your music • Freeing yourself from Big Tech platforms Soundscape leverages Unreal Engine 5 and our Sonic AI technology to power our virtual worlds, stages, and avatars. You’ll find them far beyond anything Zuckerberg or other "virtual concerts" have to offer. Soundscape gives you direct connection to a universe of hyper-immersive virtual concerts without the bloat of mega-corporations like Meta who watch everything you do, control what is said, and share your info with themselves and 3rd parties like advertisers, AI data processors, and governments. • Soundscape doesn’t spy on you • Soundscape doesn’t sell your data • Soundscape doesn’t inject ads, propaganda, or other corporate BS. Soundscape includes access to our newest headlining concert "Soundscape Presents: deadmau5", plus upcoming shows with Chris Lake, FISHER, and CloZee. You can use Soundscape without needing to create an account, from anywhere on Earth, via desktop or VR. No email signup required or crazy licensing terms. Just the world's most original & immersive audiovisual experiences created for all of humanity.