Year End Major Update!


Boundary is a multiplayer tactical space-based shooter game, engaging in fierce team vs team zero gravity firefights and executing low-gravity operations on orbiting space installations against other enemy astroperators and other entities.

Greetings Astroperators, thank you for your patience and support of Boundary Early Access! We'll be performing server maintenance from 0:00 - 3:00 AM PST on December 28th, please make sure you're not logged in during this time to avoid complications. [previewyoutube=0iv-pU4ZabE;full][/previewyoutube] [b]Gallery Addition[/b][list] [*]Added a Gallery Page for players that have purchased the Ultimate and Deluxe editions of Boundary. The Gallery section is where you'll find your OST and Artbook [*]For all players who have purchased the Artbook, you'll be granted an exclusive weapon ornament[/list] [b]Main Menu Adjustments[/b][list] [*]Added a "Home" function to let players access frequently used menus through a single page [*]Added "PvP" and "PvE" mode options to the Main Menu to allow quick access to either game mode[/list] [b]Quick Match Adjustments[/b][list] [*]Added a "Quick Match" function to allow players to start matchmaking from the home screen [list][*]When using Quick Match, players will be put into the first available match possible [*]When using Quick Match, matchmaking rules are relaxed in order to have the battle start as soon as possible[/list][/list] [b]Game Mode Adjustments[/b][list] [*]PvE Mode (Beta/WIP) [list][*]Currently provides 3 difficult options: Easy, Normal, Hard [*] Rush mode is the only offered game mode for the time being [*]One player can start the game but up to 5 players can play together [*]Difficulty mode selection affects how much XP a player receives[/list] [*]Invasion Mode [list][*]Increased the tempo of the game mode to create a faster pace experience [*]Improved the attacking side game play experience [*]The initial timer for the attacking side has been decreased, but the bonus time awarded after capping has been increased[/list] [*]Domination Mode [list][*]Increased the pace of the game mode to create a faster pace experience [*]Decreased the total score requirements for the round[/list][/list] [b]Character Adjustments[/b][list] [*]Decreased the AC of Leeway and Orlan [*]Increased the HP of Leeway and Orlan [*]All characters must repair their armour before automatic HP recovery starts [*]Decreased the automatic HP recovery rate[/list] [b]Character Backpack Adjustments[/b][list] [*]Based on player feedback, we've removed the HP of the backpacks from the game, and canceled the damage reduction that backpacks granted [*]Players will no longer be at a disadvantage when attacking an enemy from behind, and players will no longer gain any benefit from using their backpack as a shield[/list[/list] [b]Weapon Adjustments[/b][list] [*]The hip shot spread of the TK47, GSW-AR, and PCC has been decreased [*]Decreased the amount of spare Magazines SMGs have [*]Increased the amount of spare magazines MGs have [*]SMGs bullet spread when aiming has been decreased [*]MGs bullet spread when aiming has been decreased [*]MGs bullet damage has been increased[/list] [b]Pod Adjustments[/b][list] [*]Some pod attachments now fire automatically instead of needing to be fired manually. This change affects the HE Grenade, EMP Grenade, Impulse Grenade, and Snapshot Sensor [*]HE Grenade Changes[list] [*]HE Grenades now fire automatically towards enemies within sight with one button press [*]Damage radius has been increased [*]Damage has been increased [*]The flight speed of HE grenades has been reduced [*]The amount of prepared grenades has been reduced[/list] [*]EMP Grenade Changes[list] [*]EMP Grenades now fire automatically towards enemies within sight with one button press [*]The damage of EMP grenades has been increased [*]Effect radius has been increased[/list] [*]Impulse Grenade Changes[list] [*]Impulse grenades will now automatically launch and be deployed in front of the player after a single button press. Deployed grenades will automatically detonate after a short period of time[/list] [*]Snapshot Sensor Changes[list] [*]The Snapshot Sensor will now automatically deploy in front of the player with a single button press. It will then begin scanning for a short amount of time[/list][/list] [b]Movement Adjustments[/b][list] [*]Ability Changes[list] [*]The Cooldowns of all Mobility based abilities has been increased [*]Decreased the amount of the charges for the Maneuverability Device [*]Increased the duration of Afterburner [*]Increased the range of the Grapple Hook[/list] [*]FOV Change[list] [*]An FOV stretching effect has been added at the edges of the player's view during high speed movements[/list] [*]Aiming Adjustment[list] [*]Players will no longer be able to aim while moving at high speeds with their movement abilities [*]Players will still be able to hip-fire their weapon[/list][/list] [b]UI Adjustments[/b][list] [*]Removed Excessive and Redundant UI Elements[list] [*]In Domination, UI showing interactive elements such as doors, pressurized units, ammo crates, etc., have been removed. The UI will only show enemies and teammates[/list] [*]Removed horizontal lines between the player and other enemies on the map to make the mini-map clearer [*]The distance of the radar proximity alert has been shortened [*]The duration a player is "Marked" for has been reduced, players can remove the "Marked" status by hiding[/list] [b]Misc[/b][list] [*]When using a gamepad, players can use the hotkeys in the deployment UI to create a smoother gameplay experience [*]Fixed various bugs and glitches [*]Various performance improvements[/list] Whew, that was a lot! We hope you enjoy the update and have a happy holidays! We appreciate everyone's support and patience as the team works hard on making Boundary the best it can be.