Published by: Fair

To get this update, you have to opt in inside your library: Necesse -> Properties -> Betas -> Select 0.20.x in dropdown. v. 0.20.3
  • Added anglers bait, can be bought from angler.
  • Added "No settler" option to prevent settlers to move into a room.
  • Added swamp and snow cave rock and floors.
  • Added mummy that spawns in desert caves and surface.
  • Added sandstone and swampstone walls and doors.
  • Added swamp larva bait, can be found in swamp cave.
  • Increased price of worm bait bought from angler.
  • Removed unused decimals on pawnbroker item value tooltip.
  • Ice will now turn into water when digging it, and can only be placed on shore water.
  • Changed cave chest rooms to have walls types that matches the biome.
  • Changed void apprentice teleport cooldown to 3 second.
  • Fixed pawnbroker profits not updating when adding single items.
  • Fixed desert underground ores being wrong rock type.
  • Fixed destroying a ladder would not remove the ladder up.
And a bunch of other smaller changes and fixes. You might have to restart Steam to get the update. I will start to add more biome exclusive content, mobs, items etc. both underground and on the surface. Note: Will you have to generate new caves for these new cave biomes to show up and generation will likely still change in future updates. This update may have made your settlers disappear from the minimap. To fix this, refresh them by locking the room to the same settler. v. 0.20.2 was a small hotfix for an issue with setting spawn inside the dungeon. As this will likely be the last content update before the 25th I wish you all a happy holidays! :D