v0.20.11 - More updated textures, path finding, villager settlers and more

Published by: Fair

To get this update, you have to opt in inside your library: Necesse -> Properties -> Betas -> Select 0.20.x in dropdown. Reminder: It's recommended to back up your saves when playing on experimental version. Especially when loading a save using a newer version. You can do so in game on the load menu. A great place to give feedback on updates like these, suggest new features and content is the official Discord Server, where anyone is welcome :D Discord invite link: https://discord.gg/FAFgrKD This weeks update brings updated weapon and tool textures, a new mob, updated path finding, villager settlers, tile place previews and more. Animals you bring in your base will now no longer escape through gates (unless pushed through), settlers will no longer leave doors open and thanks to updated path finding, they can navigate much more complex and longer paths more efficiently. See the full changelog below.


Additions: Added demonic and tungsten spear weapons. Added small set bonuses to copper and iron armor. Added slime mob to swamp biome. Added hit sound to all mobs. Added ability to populate your settlements with villagers. Added tile place previews, just like when placing objects. Changes/misc: Updated a bunch of weapon and tool textures. Updated all void weapon textures to fit new dungeon colors. Reduced reapers call minions target search range. Updated all mob shadows. Changed dungeon island entrance structure. Passive/farm animals is not able to pass doors or gates on their own. Settlers that open doors will now always close them again (even if level is reloaded). Updated path finding, making mobs able to find longer paths and faster. Settlers are now able to find much longer and complex paths, making it harder for them to get stuck outside their house. Updated wood fence texture. Fixes: Fixed settlers map icons not visible when loading old save. Fixed follow missiles sometimes teleporting its trail. Fixed a bunch of minor issues with path finding causing more lag. And a bunch of other minor changes and fixes. You might have to restart Steam to get the update.