Update June 1st: Version 116630. Maintenance Midnight PST June 1st.


Boundary is a multiplayer tactical space-based shooter game, engaging in fierce team vs team zero gravity firefights and executing low-gravity operations on orbiting space installations against other enemy astroperators and other entities.

Dear Astroperators, thank you for your continued support of our Early Access launch! There will be an update at Midnight PST, on June 1st. After we update the servers at Midnight PST, a client restart will be needed for this update, as the patch will only take effect upon restarting the game. Please ensure you exit the game before maintenance starts. P.S. Don't forget to check out the Q&A we did over on the Discord and Steam Forums! Thank you all for your support! [b]GENERAL[/b] 1. Updated the model for the Snapshot Sensor 2. Optimized the performance when using the APS and GSW-AR 3. Optimized the voice performance of all Astroperators 4. Adjusted the UI of the Character and Weapon Armoury pages 5. Added FOV options to the settings menu 6. Added a benchmark tool in-game 7. Added the ability to adjust the volume of voice chat 8. Modified the behavior for scoring in various game modes like Sabotage. - In domination, when capturing the point, you will gain 15 score for every 2 seconds spent capturing - In Sabotage, when the bomb is activated, you will gain 150 score [b]BALANCING[/b] 1. Expanded the bullet dispersion range of GSW-SMG from 0.43 to 2 2. Reduced the bullet damage of the SVD from 90 to 75 3. Increased bullet damage of APS single shot from 34 to 35 4. Increased the rate of fire for the GSW-CARKIT from 540 to 600 5. Increased the bullet damage of GSW-MG from 35 to 40 but reduced its rate of fire from 650 to 580 [b]BUG FIXES[/b] 1. Fixed an issue where a dead character could still cap points in Invasion and Domination game modes 2. Fixed an issue where subsequent matches could not be cancelled after having previously cancelled match making several times 3. Fixed an issue that caused the loading bar to randomly disappear when repairing the EVA suit 4. Fixed an issue where the colour of the Astroperator Enemy Identification was incorrectly displayed in certain situation