Update April 16th, Version: 113982


Boundary is a multiplayer tactical space-based shooter game, engaging in fierce team vs team zero gravity firefights and executing low-gravity operations on orbiting space installations against other enemy astroperators and other entities.

Dear Astroperators, thank you for your continuedd support of our Early Access launch! There will be an update at 3:00 PM PST, on April 16. After we update the servers at 3PM, a client restart will be needed for this update, as the patch will only take effect upon restarting the game. Thank you all for your support! [b]BUG FIXES[/b] 1. Fixed a series of crash-related bugs. 2. Fixed several bugs related to red dots being incorrectly displayed on the Weapon Customization Page and Career Page 3. Fixed an issue that caused the aforementioned red dot marker to reappear continually 4. Fixed an issue that displayed incorrect mission reward icons after completion in the Archive's Interface 5. Improved performance when ADSing 6. Fixed an issue that would erroneously perform a weapon swap when scrolling the mouse wheel 7. Fixed an issue where the Escape (ESC) button could not be used after redeeming items with a redemption code 8. Fixed an issue that prevented the icon of the item from displaying after using a redemption code to redeem an Armbadge. [b]UPDATES[/b] 1. Optimized the VRAM usage when using the Engineer Outfit on Astroperator Fort.