Upcoming Update For The Moroccan Castle 3 : Behind The Secrets

The Moroccan Castle 3 : Behind The Secrets

Dive into the adventures inside The Moroccan Old Castle , solve the mystery , prepare yourself for a great horror experience !

I'm Working on an [b][u]Update[/u][/b] For[b] The Moroccan Castle 3 : Behind The Secrets[/b] , Thanks to all the people who played the game and send me their feedbacks ! Updates Coming With : - Changed the Bright Pause Menu/Inventory with Darker Pause Menu/Inventory - Floating Icons on Items ( Make it easy to see The Objects to should Take or Examine ) - Added AutoSave System - Removed Prone and Jumping System for avoiding More Bugs and Glitchs - Fixied Bugs and Glitches - Optimized The Game More - Fixed a Bug That when you Load The Game The VoiceLine Repeated - Fixed Doors Bugs - Fixed The Lighting Bugs The Update will come to the Game in May ! Quick Video of The Update : [previewyoutube=KCpbxAZ2ULg;leftthumb][/previewyoutube]