Upcoming Maintenance: April 27th, Midnight PST - 2AM PST


Boundary is a multiplayer tactical space-based shooter game, engaging in fierce team vs team zero gravity firefights and executing low-gravity operations on orbiting space installations against other enemy astroperators and other entities.

Dear Astroperators, thank you for your continued support of our Early Access launch! There will be an update from Midnight PST to 2:00 AM, on 27th April, and the server will be offline for two hours. Please note that the match-ending data from matches that complete right before maintenance may not get recorded fully. We are working hard on going through all the feedback, bug reports, and community suggestions to help improve the game as quickly as we can. Expect some substantial updates in the near future! Thank you all for your support! [b]GAMEPLAY[/b] 1. Added a new playlist 'Shuttlement 24/7'. 2. Added some radio communication between teammates. 3. Added a warning SFX for when your Space Suit is damaged and leaking air. [b]GAME SETTINGS[/b] 1. Added an "off" option for Shadow Quality settings. 2. Added the option to modify the keybinding of the 'marking' function. [b]BUG FIXES[/b] 1. Fixed an issue where on occasion, melee weapons couldn't be used after usage. 2. Fixed an issue where on occasion, players would become empty-handed after repairing their Spacesuit. 3. Fixed an issue where scoreboard data sometimes didn't match the actual score in-game. 4. Optimized the DOF effect of RPK iron sight. 5. Fixed a problem where the tracer effect of the 40mm cannon is not displayed. 6. Fixed an issue where Friend Statuses were not updated in real-time. 7. Fixed some crash-related issues. 8. Fixed an issue where some accessories could not be unlocked normally. 9. Fixed an issue where the weapon icon was not correctly displayed in customization. 10. Fixed an issue that caused some weapon muzzles to not display correctly.