Tribe 0.10.9 is now Live

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[b]0.10.9 Release Notes:[/b] * Added TIDAL support. Login with your TIDAL subscription to practice with your favorite tracks and the entire TIDAL catalog. (TIDAL tracks are muted in streams and recordings due to licensing restrictions. These restrictions are now more clearly displayed throughout the app). * Added a Phase Meter, toggleable next to waveforms on the mixer screen. Helps easily visualize the relative beat positions of each track. * Pressing the reset button (A/X) while holding the Cue button will now continue playing, behaving as if you'd clicked the play button. Allows one handed cue playback. * Hot Cues now appear on waveforms so you can easily see exactly where you'll jump to. * Added downloadable visuals packs to display on the backwall * Added custom skin support to Vinyl and Starter Decks. Templates available on our Discord. * Folders for streaming services (liked tracks/playlists/etc) can now be refreshed to look for any tracks added to them during your set. * Various bug fixes, particularly in multiplayer and video calls