The Collar Release Date

The Collar

What would it be like to be taken from your normal life and be pitted against random strangers. Would you fight and kill to survive?

[h1]Release Date Announcement[/h1] EXCITING, GREAT, and AWESOME news!!!!! This has been 3 years in the making and it is finally here. On February 29th The Collar will be officially released and the hoards (LOL) of people will begin to play! It is exciting and terrifying all at the same time. Thank you everyone for your support, whether morale or actual game testing, I appreciate each and everyone of you for your help. It could not have been done without you. And our journey does not stop at release...oh no. Once the game is released, I can start planning on the next updates. Keep your eyes open for some new features for the release; got to have something new for those who played test builds!!!! ~The Collar is coming February 29, 2024. [previewyoutube=QI7UrkkTIn8;full][/previewyoutube]