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Eat the villagers, murder bunnies, milk cows, or exterminate gods! Soulash is a traditional, turn-based roguelike where your goal is to consume the souls of the living, conquer the vast fantasy world and decide its fate.

Greetings fellow gods, It's been a while! I keep getting occasional messages from those of you who remembered the good old days of being a wrathful god, and finally discovering a sequel in the works after over 2 years since Soulash was completed. Unfortunately, my Steam announcement went to "cross-promotion," so probably nobody saw it, and many of you who weren't on our Discord missed the chance to find out about it. So, I hope this one will find its way to you if you haven't heard about Soulash 2 yet. Soulash 2 was announced a few months after Soulash was released, and I've shared [url=]over 40 devlogs[/url] documenting the series' new direction based on your feedback for Soulash. You wanted a more replayable experience, with NPCs that are not necessarily aggressive, with a procedural world, simulated history, you wanted to build structures, trade to amass your fortune, and have more depth in progression and crafting - I heard you, and I decided the best course of action was to redesign the game from the ground up to offer what you asked for without destroying what so many already loved. There's no durability in the sequel, too. All of the mentioned features have already made their way into the continuation, and more are coming. [previewyoutube=yaPK0J2Xt0A;full][/previewyoutube] Soulash 2 will continue the story after the ash ending of Soulash when the 1.0 release hits next year. Right now it's an open-world sandbox roguelike RPG with no predefined goals or endings, where we begin as mere mortals. How I always think about the sequel since the very first devlog is Soulash + some Dwarf Fortress Adventure inspiration, mainly the world generation with history simulation, with simulation continuing with the same rules independently of us affecting the world or not + some Mount & Blade Bannerlords inspiration mainly around the conquest and leading armies aspect from the single-character perspective that I believe will fit the roguelike genre very well. It's already becoming something quite unique, unlike any of the mentioned games, and it's updated weekly with new content and following the feedback from fans, with major updates planned every 3 months. You can find our [url=]roadmap to 1.0 with details[/url]. Circling back to the purpose of this wall of text, I wanted to offer a better price to those who joined early to thank you for supporting my dream and helping improve the game with your feedback. Back in 2019, I did the same for Soulash, offering it on Itch only, and I know some of you were disappointed the full release on Steam was actually really the end after supporting the game for 3 months with new content updates. The development didn't continue in the direction you hoped since the story was complete and the changes wouldn't fit the game, but now's your chance to participate in an evolving game with an active community if you still desire it. Since I finished Soulash, I have been able to go full-time indie and get more help to make a game with an even grander vision, and that's all thanks to you. We have a [url=]Soulash Series bundle[/url] with an extra 15% discount for all Soulash fans since day 1 release as well. This week will be the last chance to grab the [url=]Soulash Series[/url] or just [url=]the sequel[/url] at its cheapest price, as I will be increasing the base price for Soulash 2 to $18.99 soon after, with another price increase planned in December once we reach the 1st full year of Early Access development. I hope you try the game and join us on [url=]Discord[/url], it's been quite lively for a few months now, with plenty of players to talk strategies, ask for help or collaborate on cool mod ideas. Thank you for reading this far, and happy soul-hunting, Artur