Shoot for the moon, Boundary is live now!


Boundary is a multiplayer tactical space-based shooter game, engaging in fierce team vs team zero gravity firefights and executing low-gravity operations on orbiting space installations against other enemy astroperators and other entities.

Greetings Astroperators! It's that time, the time you've all been waiting for! Boundary is on it's way to the moon with Early Access! Grab your copy, jump in game and start zooming through space in epic 5v5 battles. Before we get into those goodies we all want to look at, we have two important things to mention. First, we are working on critical bugs and server issues that have been reported to us, we should have some of the resolved within a few hours which will make the experience smoother. Secondly, regarding the delay in the Bundle Releases and lack of language support, please see this notice [url=]Here.[/url] Now, about those special Founders Bundles and the extra goodies you get for supporting us during EA! Here is the breakdown of what you receive when purchasing the Base Game, the Deluxe Supporter Edition, and the Ultimate Supporter Edition. [h3]Basic Edition - $24.99[/h3] [img]{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/38458746/b1506a14848865e2b5bacba0b9c0d376b22906f0.png[/img] [list] [*] One copy of Boundary [*] Unicorn Head Ornament [*] Frontrunner Arm Badge [*] Sun Weapon Ornament [/list] [h3]Deluxe Supporter Edition - $34.99[/h3] [img]{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/38458746/36e1e47238e6fa5e1222e43bf782e9c2d0871756.png[/img] [list] [*] Everything in Tier 1 [*] The Electroplated Red (Custom) Spacesuit for all Astroperators [*] The Electroplated Red (Custom) Weapon Skin for all Weapons [*] “Nanshan Security Group” Arm Badge [*] Season 1 Battle Pass (when released) [/list] [h3]Ultimate Supporter Edition - $44.99[/h3] [img]{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/38458746/073f5c147e504dd5b81078ea947cd4e291437e00.png[/img] [list] [*] Everything in Tier 1 and Tier 2 [*] The "Engineer Yellow (Master)" Spacesuit for Astroperator "Fort" [*] The "Engineer (Master)" Head Ornament for Astroperator "Fort" [*] The "Neland Energy (Master)" Arm Badge for Astroperator "Fort" [*] The "Engineer Yellow (Master)" Weapon Skin for the GSW-MG [*] The "R.T.E.S" Weapon Ornament for the GSW-MG [*] The "Self-Reactive Torque Screwdriver" Melee Weapon [*]Early access and credit for first new Astroperator. [*]The Boundary Digital Artbook (to be delivered at a later date) [*]The Boundary Digital Soundtrack (to be delivered at a later date) [/list] [img]{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/38458746/85e7f878d5a8c5ef9d36b51f3cba778b3fb490b7.png[/img] As well, we have released the Year of the Tiger Cosmetics to everyone, go ahead and grab it after picking up Boundary! We can't wait to see you in-game Astroperator, suit up and join the fight. Most importantly, have fun!