Server-Side Update

Published by: APwn

  • High level (25+), normal loot spots now give better quality items
  • Starting from tomorrow, the outdoor world will only regenerate every 7 days (This was originally going to be monthly, but after hearing feedback from players I decided to see how things work with a weekly reset first)
  • More Hospitals and Police Departments should spawn on the map from tomorrow
  • Food and drink items have been tweaked, and hunger thirst speed rebalanced to be more realistic
  • Spitter boss has had her projectile shot patterns widened to make her slightly more dangerous
  • Some more Unique items have been tweaked to make them more useful
  • Outpost attack bonuses now give +Fuel Quantity and +Unique Loot
  • Being drunk now gives some slight benefits, and alcohol items now give more hydration
  • Some meds have been improved slightly
  • All enemies have been tweaked so they push you around less
  • Non-English languages have been updated