(Revised) Update April 18th, 11PM PST - Minimal Downtime!


Boundary is a multiplayer tactical space-based shooter game, engaging in fierce team vs team zero gravity firefights and executing low-gravity operations on orbiting space installations against other enemy astroperators and other entities.

[b]UPDATED[/b] Minimal downtime expected, Update at 11 PM PST! Dear Astroperators, thank you for your enduring support of our Early Access launch! There will be an update at 11 PM PST on the 18th April, [b]Please note that the match-ending data during the downtime may not be retained.[/b] [b]BALANCING[/b] Character: 1. FORT's spacesuit repair duration has been reduced from 3s to 2s. 2. SPIKE's spacesuit repair duration increased from 1.25s to 1.5s. Mobility Modules: 1. Grapple Cool Down reduced from 4s to 3.2s. 2. J.E.T Cool Down increased from 5s to 7.5s. 3. Afterburner Cool Down reduced from 8s to 6s. 4. Heat per usage of J.E.T increased from 30 to 60. 5. Adjust the time before the grapple returns to the player. Now the grapple can not be used before it has been attached to the target location. Weapons: 1. Fixed an issue with DMRs (GSW-DMR and SVD) where bullet spread increased too quickly during ADS. 2. GSW-SMG's bullet velocity decreased from 405m/s to 300m/s. 3. GSW-SMG's reload duration increased. 4. Decreased the reload speed of GSW-SMG's fast mag. [b]UPDATES[/b] 1. Game Mode Selections and Server Region Selections will now persist through restarts and matches 2. Optimized the quality of server connection in Asia regions [b]Bug fix[/b] 1. Fixed a series of crash-related bugs, such as the crashes during Training Missions. 2. Fixed the issue where players may be unable to use the grapple after using it once during a match. 3. Fixed the issue that the initial screen resolution is too large when starting the game for the first time. 4. Fixed the issue where the wrong Steam avatar showed the lobby when matching with other players. 5. Fixed the issue where the rewards of the challenges cannot be unlocked after completing them. (Players who previously encountered this bug will have the missing items reissued in the update.) 6. Fixed an issue that would cause a failure to join the match error.