Puzzle Packs now available

January 19, 2021 IronZog Community Announcements
Many players have been asking for a way to unlock full access to all of the puzzles, or unlimited custom puzzles, rather than having to buy each puzzle individually. These options have now been added. You can now unlock: - Full access to all of the puzzles in the library - Full access to only those puzzles belonging to a particular category - Unlimited custom puzzles Each of these can be purchased for a period of either one week, one month, or six months. In addition there have been a few other changes: - The Z/X keys smoothly rotate the puzzle piece being moved, counter-clockwise and clockwise. The Q/E keys now also rotate the piece being moved, but in 90 degree increments. - Fixed a bug that would sometimes cause two pieces to snap together even if they weren't at the right angle to each other. - Some other minor tweaks and fixes.