Pre-Launch Beta Candidate 0.9 Patch Notes

May 20, 2022 Candlebirdgames Community Announcements
This build has a bunch of new core features that should shake up the gameplay a bunch. I've added super-evolved mini-boss varieties of enemies, new areas to explore, and a bunch of QOL features and bug fixes. Overall, the game should be both more interesting, and hopefully more stable. Also I added the most important feature; Spicy Chicken Nuggets. Major Features: - Added Minibosses in certain situations: Now the final wave for any event as well as pack leaders will spawn as mini-bosses. These creatures are (for now) just heavily evolved versions of regular enemies. They are larger, have more health and damage, and are denoted by their bright teal glows. These enemies drop items and upgrades at a highly increased rate, making them a good target if you're up for the challenge. - Map Updates: There have been two major areas that have been updated. The Abandoned Shipyard and The Factory are now enterable and look nice. There's still more I want to do with the locations, but they're much closer to the final vision. - Loot Crates: There's now loot crates throughout the landscape! They can only be obtained once and are scattered near major structures. There will obviously be more of them in the future, but for now, you can find the majority of them at the new Shipyard and Factory. - Spicy Chicken Nuggets: That is all. New Features: - Made enemies dropped items fly out of their body so that it's easier to notice when items are dropped - Made nearby resources save and load properly (no more gathering a bunch of ores, then save scumming!) - Bumped up the saturation of the game to make it look nice. I might either turn it up more or tone it down depending on feedback - Went through each of the Beacons and made the enemy spawners much closer to the event area. This should help with the long wait between waves a bunch. Bug Fixes: - Extended the navigation generation further around the player to help fix some issues with move to commands not working at certain distances - Fixed an issue causing Transfer bots to not be placed when at the max bot limit - Fixed an issue that was causing copper and iron tools to drop way more resources than intended - Fixed a bug that made drill bots that were repaired to visually look like they're drilling, but not actually be getting resources