Underground Defense Force -Sword and Sorcery and Swarm of Insects-

Swarms of giant insects has appeared in the underground world "Agartha"! Defeat swarms of mutated insect monsters with multicast weapons/spells by your own party of customized characters! This is a casual turn-based tactical RPG with a focus on exhilaration and hack-and-slash system.

I, the author of this game, am happy to see various reactions on SNS such as X (Twitter)! Now, we have received comments from some Japanese users that [b]it is painful to see the "cockroaches", or at least an option to apply blur to them[/b], or etc. Therefore, we are now planning to add the blur option like as following screenshot. [img]{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/44677382/7ed2c3a6cee921760ef3abbdcc26ba371ff17101.png[/img] If possible, it may be more flexible to blur other insects as well, but we believe there are many people (especially Japanese) who "just do not like cockroaches", so [b]we will focus on supporting "cockroaches only" and will work to provide an update as soon as possible.[/b] Thank you!