Patch notes 25 May 2023

Septaroad Voyager

Seven heroes. Infinite adventures. Embark on an epic journey through a vast world filled with danger. Assign tactics to your party members or control them individually in fast-paced battles. Discover the captivating tale of Septaroad Voyager.

Hey everyone! A few select streamers have been invited to check out Septaroad Voyager before its official Early Access release. I'm busy trying to fix bugs while contacting press and streamers before release day. (And everyone, please don't post any news, screenshots, or videos until 1 June. Thanks!) In our patches yesterday and today, we have done the following: [list] [*]Finished the questline for finding the farmer's wife. This is a quest that started in Turkey Hollow, with the farmer whose farm is being attacked by pumpkins. Previously, the quest did not progress when you had to talk to the wizard. I [i]think[/i] this quest should work fine now. It's kind of a complicated quest--not for you so much as for me--because it involves both a pre-set questline and our dynamic quest system, where you add clues to generate a new dungeon. If you see any more problems with this quest, please let me know right away. [*]Added lots of new loot that can be deconstructed for clues. Bandits, fairies, knights, warlocks, and berserkers should all carry this new loot, with about a 10% chance of dropping something that you can use for new clues for a new dungeon. [*]Townsfolk in Sunrise Falls will give you rumors to start new dynamic quests. [*]Added two new recruitable characters in Sunrise Falls. Everyone playing the game should now have access to a party of four. If you'd like to test the game with more characters, you can always do that with the console command "ce AddCompanion." [*]Added some new tutorial screens and instructions for fleeing from combat. [*]Lots of small fixes, like changing characters names, making items show up in the right tile on the map. [/list] Thank you for taking a look at Septaroad Voyager. We hope you enjoy the game. And we hope to have everything more settled in time for the official Early Access release.