Patch 6/3/23 - Hotfixes

Across The Void

Embark on an endless adventure in Across The Void, a evolving roguelike video game. Customize your character with a unique skill system and a vast array of equipment, and take on seven unique bosses. With randomly generated maps, random skill selections and gear, each playthrough is a new adventure.

[h2]Changes[/h2] [olist] [*] Added new skill "Into The Well". Becomes available after investing into "Black Hole". [*] Added ability to loot chests with the interact key. [*] Moved Acid Lob into the Spells Tree, [/olist] [h2]Fixes[/h2] [list] [*] Rerolls were causing visual bugs preventing further investments. Should be resolved now. [*] Rerolls weren't resetting properly once fully exhausted. Should be resolved now. [*] Loading saves wasn't correctly applying level. Should be resolved now but sadly the old saves won't work. You can still continue your old save, just know you will be level 1 on old saves. [*] Loading saves caused issues with the level up screen. Trees weren't being populated correctly after reloads. Should be resolved now. [*] Into The Well and a few other skills would allow more skillpoints to be invested with no benefit after the skill's max level. Should be resolved. [/list]